April 13, 2024

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Write all guesses in the comments until the reveal tomorrow! 6PM C.E.T. 8th November 2020.

Alright folks. This is epic, huge and I’m still in disbelief. Earlier this week, something happened, that I never thought would be possible. I didn’t plan this at all, especially when I just a few months ago added the B7 RS4 to my collection. But after an oppurtunity of a lifetime came up that I just couldn’t say no to, after a few days of going back and forth with the thought, I just said ”Hell with it, I’m gonna do this, cause we only live once and I’ll probably never ever gonna have this chance again”. So I bought another Audi. Those who know my collection, do know that I own the classic icons RS4 B5 and RS4 B7 and also the Q5 and the A4 B5. But this, ladies and gentlemen, this is on a totally different level. This starts and opens a new chapter and era of Auditography. Since I just bought the car a few days ago, every time I wake up and see it standing outside my window, I have to really rub my eyes if I’m not dreaming.
I will reveal the car here on YouTune at 6pm C.E.T. on Sunday the 8th of November.
I bought one of the most loved Audis in the history of the brand. That can make you all start thinking huh lol
Keep the guesses coming. I won’t give you any spoils or anything else than this photo I took the other day, when the car is covered up. I did photoshop away some details in there, cause the die-hard fans would probably spot what car this is. But now you can’t since I switched and edited this quite a lot. Let the speculations begin, and in a weeks time, a new chapter of Auditography starts. I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear and I’m still in disbelief. Stay tuned.